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Q:F.A.Q About Making Money From our Affiliate Program

When it comes to working with our affiliate system, you may be wondering how much money you can make. Well, that depends on two things: Traffic quality sent to the program and traffic volume.

The geo quality of the traffic you send us will determine your pay per 1,000 visitors rate:

High quality countries: $3.00-$3.50 per 1k visitors
Medium quality countries: $2.00 per 1k visitors
Low quality countries: $0.35 per 1k visitors

A bonus may also be applied depending on the amount of visitors per day:

+12% for 20,000 visitors
+15% for 25,000 visitors
+18% for 30,000 visitors
+21% for 35,000 visitors
+24% for 40,000 visitors
+27% for 45,000 visitors
+30% for 50,000+ visitors

As you see, there is an unlimited amount of money you can earn. In fact, some of our affiliate partners have earned more than thousands in one month.

Special Note: If there is low-user activity and a high bounce rate, there penalties might be assessed to your payout rate.

Q: What Does Geo Quality Mean?

When it comes to Geo quality leads, it means traffic from countries has been divided into three categories: high quality (HQ), medium quality (MQ) and low quality (LQ).

HQ-Countries: USA ($3.50), Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Italy, Finland, Austria, Australia

MQ-Countries: Cyprus, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal

LQ-Countries: Every other country not listed in the MQ or HQ countries lists.

Q: When Will You Receive The Earnings?

Payments are made once a month and completed on the 20th day of each month.

Q: What Payment Methods Are Supported?

There are three payment methods currently supported: PayPal, Wire Transfer and Paxum.

Q: What Is The Minimum Payout Amount?

There is a minimum payout of $50 on Paypal and Paxum for check and wire transfer the minimum is set at $500.

Q: Will Taxes Need To Be Paid On Monies Earned?

Whether or not you pay taxes on the money you earned is dictated by your country of residence. And, if you do owe money, it is your responsibility to pay them.

Q: Can Traffic Come From More Than One Site?

Absolutely! There is no limit to how many sites you can link to.

Q: How does Bounce Rate affect my rates?

The bounce rate is what amount of visitors, percentage wise, come into the site and leave without creating additional page hits.

Q: Are There Resources Available To Send Traffic To Punish-HER.com?

We offer a number of resources for you to review to make the process simpler. You can also sift through the copious amount of banners and videos to embed on your website. You also have many RSS feeds that contain the newest videos together with embed code, landing pages and thumbs.

You can also download the whole database or just parts of it, based on what criteria you stipulate.

Q: Can I Use Any Of The Predefined Banners or Text Links?

Definitely! You can choose from and use any of the predefined banners on our site to bring traffic and results to your site.

Q:Can A Custom Link or Banner Be Used?

Of course, you can use any banner or link you create to send us traffic.

Q: Does Traffic That Comes From Embedded Video Count Toward Payment?